Life Of The Party LLC offers a wide variety of equipment and games that will make your event a hit with kids and adults, alike! Rentals include bounces, combos, slides, an obstacle course, and premium games. Click on the thumbnail images to see enlarged versions.

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Bank Ball Game Bank Ball
In this carnival style game, players roll a whiffle ball up the alley and bank it off the bumpers and into the other side. The object is to get the ball to settle into the red hole.

Rental Price: $35
Roller Bowler Game

Roller Bowler
A classic midway carnival style game, the Roller Bowler is a game that will test your skill. Players roll the ball over the hill without letting it come back.

Rental Price: $35

Four Across Game Four Across
Here's a BIG twist on a classic game. Challenge your friends to a game of Four Across. First player to get four-in-a-row is the winner!

Rental Price: $45
Can Smash Game Can Smash
Take a step into the past and experience a popular carnival game seen at the old-time county fairs. The object of this game is to knock all the cans off the table with two throws.

Rental Price: $35
Ring Toss Game Ring Toss
Here's another old time favorite. In this carnival style game, players toss plastic rings towards the game in hopes of ringing a peg. Go ahead, try your luck and take a toss!

Rental Price: $45
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