Life Of The Party LLC offers a wide variety of equipment and games that will make your event a hit with kids and adults, alike! Rentals include bounces, combos, slides, an obstacle course, and premium games. Click on the thumbnail images to see enlarged versions.

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Backyard Obstacle Course Backyard Obstacle Course
30' (length) x 11' (width) x 12' (height). Two lanes of racing fun!

Ready...Set...GO! Enter the obstacle course and scale the wall, slide down into the area of pop-ups, squeeze through the horizontal tubes and end your race by exiting through the tunnels.

Rental Price: $330
Cotton Candy Machine Cotton Candy Machine
Sweeten up your party with our Cotton Candy machine. Rental includes one box of sugar and 50 cones (enough for 50 servings).

50 additional cones & box of sugar - $15 | Bubble Machine $10

Rental Price: $65
Commercial Grade Sno Cone Machine Sno-Cone Machine
Looking to add some "cool" fun to your party? The Sno-Cone machine is an easy way to make delicious treats for both kids and adults.

Commercial grade Sno-Cone machine rental includes 50 cups, two flavors of syrup, and official Sno-Cone scoop. Ice is not included.

Rental Price: $70
Bottle Stand Game Bottle Stand
Test your balance and skill with this challenging carnival style game. Players use a pole and string with a ring on the end to try and stand the bottle up.

Rental Price: $35
Bozo Bucket Toss Game Bozo Bucket Toss Game
This classic game provides old-fashioned fun! Players throw bean bags and try to get one in every bucket. Use two sets of buckets and players can race to see who can get a bean bag in every bucket first!

Rental Price: $10
Gnooly Ball Game

Gnooly Ball
15' (length) x 7' (width) x 8' (height)

Gnooly Ball is a fun and exciting game where each player tries to throw their balls through the holes in the backdrop. The first player to get all the balls on their opponent's side of the game wins! Great for ALL ages! Can be set up inside or out.

Rental Price: $150

Putt Putt Golf Game Putt Putt Golf
Putt Putt Golf is great for inside or outside set up. Have a fun day at the office or at any other event.

Rent 1 hole, 2 holes, or all 3 holes!

Rental Price: $50 per hole
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